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As solution provider, Yortar ensures that methods, tools and processes are properly integrated as part of the system's operations.

Yortar can integrate in-house and third party products combining them with related services and transportation industry experience and know-how to deliver a solution that maximizes return on investment.

Diagnostic and Maintenance

Yortar can offer a wide range of Diagnostic and Maintenance solutions.


Yortar can offer a wide range of advanced simulation solutions.

Health Management

Solutions to support maintenance activities and providing monitoring, data analysis, diagnostic, prognostic and reporting capabilities.

Diagnostic Decision Aids

Solutions to support decisions by maintenance personnel while supervising equipments in the field.

Generic Automated Test Equipment

Solutions to support the testing of defective units or components.

Mock Up Simulators

A simulation that allow an understanding of the principles of operation of certain device.

Functional Simulators

A detailed simulation of certain functions or parts of a device.

Full Scale Simulators

A complete physical and logical high-fidelity simulation of a device

Industry sectors
Rail Transportation
Air Transportation
Land Transportation
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